Edmond Jonuzi

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Edmond Jonuzi was left with 19 injuries, including a stab wound to his heart

Seven men have been convicted over a “cowardly” gang attack in north London in which a man was stabbed to death and his brother suffered brain injuries.

Edmond Jonuzi, 35, also known as Edmond Preci, was killed in the assault near Turnpike Lane station on 9 June 2018.

His brother, Eraldi Preci, was left with a fractured skull.

Bilal Mumin, 20, from Finchley Road, Hampstead, was found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey on Tuesday. Six men were convicted of violent disorder.

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Bilal Mumin was found guilty of murder, as well as violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon

Saydomar Mohammed, 21, Ranelagh Road, Tottenham, was found guilty of violent disorder and possession of an offensive weapon.

Tenzin Massiah, 23, of Strode Road, Tottenham, Abdul Mohamed, 22, of Tottenhall Road, Enfield, Ismail Mohammed, 21, of Chichester Road, Enfield, Rayan Saleh, 24, of no fixed abode and Eldar Iliazi, 21, of Alexandra Park Road, Wood Green, were all convicted of violent disorder.

Police said the defendants had spent the day hanging around the Duckett’s Common area, in Haringey, drinking, fighting and engaged in acts of anti-social behaviour.

The court heard the young men, who all knew each other and were all involved in drug dealing, felt they “owned” the area.

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Clockwise from top left: Saydomar Mohamed, Eldar Iliazi, Rayan Saleh, Abdul Mohamed, Ismail Mohamed and Tenzin Massiah

Mr Jonuzi and Mr Preci, both Albanian nationals, were threatened by one of the group as they made their way home from dinner with their cousins.

An altercation began that quickly escalated into a “disproportionately one-sided attack” as the pair were set upon by the group of men.

Mr Jonuzi sustained 19 separate injuries to his body, including a stab wound to the heart.

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Police were called to Green Lanes, near Turnpike Lane station, shortly after 21:45 BST

The brothers’ mother, Dava Preci, who was unable to travel from Albania for the trial, said in a statement: “On 9 June my world changed forever, leaving me so broken and empty inside.

“I am left to relive the images of the fear and pain my sons went through over and over again. I can no longer sleep in peace.”

Det Insp Garry Moncrieff said: “Edmond and his brother were overwhelmed during the altercation by a large group of men in a cowardly and callous assault, which led to his family grieving the loss of one son and coping with the serious injuries caused to another.”

The date for sentencing has yet to be set.

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